Business Partners Membership

By on August 20, 2020

Become a Business Partner Today!

Please complete this membership form (PDF) and email it to [email protected].


Business Partner Membership is open to all individuals and organizations who provide products and services to the facilities management marketplace or who have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the educational environment. If your business provides products and/or services in this marketplace, and you have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the educational environment, then your company should strongly consider becoming a Business Partner member of MSAPPA.


Opportunities to present relevant educational programs at our Annual Conference. (Selections are made through a “Call for Papers” process.)

    • Sponsorships are offered to Business Partner members exclusively through early release.
    • Increased recognition through sponsorship of the MSAPPA Annual Conference.
    • Early booth selection offered to members only.
    • Referrals to members regarding products and services.
    • Listing of company website and contact information on MSAPPA website.  

    Membership Costs

    The membership fee helps to defer costs for various educational programs and networking opportunities as well as outreach through various methods. 

    Need More Information?

    We hope you agree that there are excellent benefits and good reasons to join! If we have not answered all of your questions regarding participation in MSAPPA, please feel free to email [email protected]